Religion And The Belief Of God Essay examples

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Religion and the belief in God has always been a controversial subject. Looking at a country like Iraq, Christianity seems like a bad omen. However, in the United States, the affiliation with believing in Christianity and what it stands for often leads people to think the best of you. Two completely different ideas from two very different countries, but both involve people aiming for the same goal. So am I a good person because I am a Christian or does it make me an outcast? Well, I guess that depends on who and where you ask. In the United States, I can practice my religion freely without consequences. I am allowed to convey my affiliation and pray in any public facility. This freedom comes from the first amendment that states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” (The First Amendment: Religious Freedom). Because the United States is such a new country, it does not have the same values at those that are older. The founding fathers allowed religious freedom because they saw the corruption and problems created by allowing a country to be led by and associated with one religion. This in turn caused them to create a nation that allowed freedoms to any person, regardless of their beliefs (Is America A Christian Nation?). Iraq is a country that allows religion and state to affect one another. Roughly ninety-seven percent of Iraq is Muslim (Population of Muslims around the World). Because of the strong…

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