Benefits Of Religion And Stress

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Religion and Stress
The benefits/drawbacks that faith can bring is based on person’s experience in there mental health. Stress affects a person’s life in many different ways and can influence their actions. Stress is the body’s response to any alteration that can require a person to adjust or respond accordingly. Religion on the other hand has helped many people find peace within themselves and able to find light to there anxiety or uncontrollable events. Religion and stress share a relationship and the benefits of religion can possibly help people with their everyday life.
In certain situations religion can be a poor predictor to help relieve stress. Rosmarin, D. H., Krumrei, E. J., & Andersson, G. (2009) examined that negative core beliefs
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Rosmarin, D. H., Krumrei, E. J., & Andersson, G. (2009) showed that levels of general religiousness and religious practices were somewhat predictive of lower levels of distress overall. The idea that religious practices helps predict lower levels of stress shows that praying, going to church, reading of the scriptures, ect have helped people find peace within themselves. Ferriss, A. L. (2002) found that going to church has helped people lower stress and improved their general happiness. There general happiness might be associated with the fact that the people they associate with that impact them positively can help encourage their thoughts to going. They might feel the fact that going to church brings them closer to God and shows their continuous relationship that they share with their God. Mannheimer, A. H., & Hill, T. D. (2015) conducted a study that shows a different side that Conservative Protestants who are under the average attendance for attending religious services tend to exhibit higher levels of psychological distress, depression, and anxiety than those Conservative Protestants who frequently or attend religious services regularly. Religions that may be more conservative and put more an emphasize on attending religious services may feel more stress about not attending. They might feel they have let their God down and feel that people will look down on them. The pressure for some religions to over think …show more content…
Ferriss, A. L. (2002) showed in one his results that prayer deviance is unrelated to distress, depression, and anxiety in Conservative Protestants. Prayer has always been associated with positive communication with God because in Christianity, God wants his people to communicate and talk with him about your issues or life. He is always there for people whenever they need him. Prayer is also associated with meditation and/or relaxation techniques that become a part of a person’s routine. That routine to make time for relaxation allows people to take stress away from a person’s life and make sure that is manageable. Praying to God can help Christian dominations have a different perspective on the outlook in life and how to approach it. They can reconsider hurt someone or hurting themselves if they give themselves the opportunity to speak to God. Prayer in religion can help clarify people’s values, and make them focus on their goals that are important to them. It allows people to feel a sense of being a part of something greater than themselves who have the power to help you when you need it. The time people spend praying or mediating within their religion can create a moment that allows them to detach from any stressor, elevate their understanding that world is good, and give them time to thank everyone. Detaching from stressor will make them realize how to control their stress and make them more

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