Essay on Religion And Social And Political Institutions

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Religion and Social/Political Institutions
In every tradition there exists a religion, a system of belief beyond the grasp of man. Human beings have a desire for a supreme being, something they acquire through religion. Religion serves the purpose of quenching man’s thirst to be good and peaceful thereby creating some order. It does not matter how or when the development of man began, his overwhelming urge to worship has formed and will continue to give rise to more kinds of religious behaviors. Man’s need for religion is so powerful that it has developed a variety of practices, attitudes and beliefs. Even though the world has different traditions with varying practices and beliefs, these traditions have a way of justifying existent political or social institutions through religious means so that those institutions are viewed as just and legitimate enough to be obeyed and preserved.
Religion endorses the belief in a fair world, opposition of equality, political conservation, fair market, right-wing authoritarianism and protestant work ethic (Lerner, 13). The ideology of religion has the tendency to sooth people into being satisfied and happy with the status quo. The element of theodicy that which justifies the reason why evil is permitted in the world by God, promotes a lot of injustice in the world (Lerner, 13). It is something that encourages the social and political order of things to be maintained by allowing loopholes through the system to go unquestioned. Judicial law…

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