Religion And Religious Beliefs : Islam, Hinduism, And Christianity

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Throughout the religious history of the world there have been many instances in which religion and religious beliefs have been used as an excuse to perpetrate crimes against others. These crimes can be seen in many different religions, such as Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Islam and their use of Jihad, or “holy war”, is used as a way to rationalize the killing of individuals that are considered to be infidels. Like Islam, Hinduism, uses their religious teachings as a way to oppress those of lower castes. Individuals in the lowest caste are considered untouchables; they are treated horribly, and ostracized by those of higher caste. Even Christianity is no stranger to the use of religion to further their own agenda. Christians, time and time again, throughout history, have used their religious beliefs to tyrannize others. For example, during the conquest of the Americas, Spanish conquistadors took ownership of the natives through the system of Econmiendas, or trusts, where natives were forced to be slaves to Spaniards as recompense for being exposed to the word of God (Gonzalez 452). Christians still use their religious beliefs to oppress others today, in the 21st century; people use the Bible and their interpretation of it as an excuse to hurt others who they deem to be lesser than them.
I believe one of the most infamous times in which Christians, motivated by their zealotry and righteousness, used their beliefs to ¬¬¬subjugate others was during the Crusades. The…

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