Religion And Politics In Paradise Lost By John Milton

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I would start my tutorial paper by discussing the meaning of religion and politics in widespread. Religion is a particular system of faith and worship or any interest followed with great devotion. While Politics would mean activities aimed at improving someone’s social position or increasing power within an organization. In this tutorial paper, I am expected to discuss the inclusion of these two subjects in “Paradise Lost”, a poem by John Milton. Firstly I would throw some light on Politics, as a theme, in Paradise Lost.
Milton was a prolific polemicist who wanted the best for his nation. But what he felt was best for his nation didn’t quite gain the right kind of popularity and eventually, he landed up in prison, blind and waiting for death.
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Milton functioned as a political prose writer. During this time, his notions on politics became quite disruptive. He wanted a puritan reformation in the church and establishment of a commonwealth, rather than a monarchy which played a major role in running of the country, at that time. What is important to understand, however, is that Milton’s political thoughts were highly integrated with his religious thoughts, so an understanding of one is important to understand the other. Milton’s political views in all his works have been expressed quite cleverly. They are a smart blend of biblical exegesis, political pragmatism and his influence of classical sources is also evident, which come to fullest expression in Paradise Lost. A certain kind of political intensity and friction is felt through all his poems, especially Paradise lost. If we read Paradise Lost as a political allegory, events and characters can be straightened up with the characteristics of political context of the poem’s creation. Paradise Lost shows interesting insights into Milton’s view of Monarchy, freedom, democracy, subjugation, where God is portrayed as the all powerful monarch and Satan as the etymon and chestier of the Fall of Man. Milton’s paradise lost forces the reader to question God, to investigate the Fall of Man and to try to understand Satan’s motivation. The truth however is that Milton saw …show more content…
During his time, the English Church had witnessed a split. He was a puritan, totally against corruption in churches. He attacked religious formalism - both that of Roman Catholic Church and established Church of England. Such attacks can be seen in the allegory of Sin and Death in Book II and The Paradise of Fools in Book IV. Unlike politics, he attacked religion more through his poetry. For example, in paradise Lost, he shows the picture of Satan leaping over the wall of paradise, to convey his arguments against religion prevailing at that time. He believed that each individual should be his own religious entity. There is no need for obstruction of any institution in any individual’s religious belief. He even started practising his own personal religion, Calvinism. Because of these individual views that he had, paradise lost can be seen as being very personal and universal. He felt that the examples set by church were of no use and it was important for individual to question his conscious in order to be faithful to himself and God. One has to be strong in their own beliefs whether religious or any, like the character of Noah in Paradise Lost. He was in favour of Protestantism. Milton through paradise lost is not trying to rewrite the rules of Christianity, just trying to evolve better Christians. Paradise lost possesses a good religious theme and values. He believed in the importance of preaching and spiritual existence. He

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