Religion And Nature : Nature And The Natural World Essay

1403 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Religion throughout history has been influential among humanity, shaping the culture and views people take on life. Determining the differences between human beings and nature has continued as a controversial topic among multiple religions, arguing over the relationship between humans and nature. Perspectives on nature and the world in any religion are sacred, so the way nature and the world are treated is unique in order to not disrupt the beauty in hopes of preserving it. The Judaism religion recognizes humans as separate beings from nature, while Buddhism claims nature and human are deeply connected, making them the same thing. The main reason for this is because in western religions, such as Judaism, they believe there is one god that is the ultimate creator; whereas in Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, there is no single god. The aspects and perspectives vary because fundamentally, they are so different. In Buddhism their perspective on nature and the natural world include the thought that nature is constantly changing, the close relationship between nature and man, and lastly their perspectives towards all living things. In Judaism, the perspectives about nature and the natural world are complete opposites, because in regards to God, which is what this religion encompasses itself around. Judaism perspectives include God is the creator of the universe, it is our job as human beings to preserve and protect the world to serve God, and lastly to preserve all human…

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