Essay on Religion And Its Impact On The World

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Humanity use religions as an alternative to explain the unexplainable, at times disregarding certain aspects of scientific studies about the natural world. They give hope to the living and comfort to the dying. The human brain attempts to make sense of the world around us through categorizing and compartmentalizing information for processing. This is what drove ancient civilizations to incorporate the worshipping of deities in day to day life. They did not have the ability nor the resources to study nature. They could not understand where rain, sun, fire, diseases came from. So, they intermingled aspects of nature such as water and human experiences therefore creating the first religions the world has ever known. Overtime, some of these practices evolved and stood the test of time. There are thousands of religions that have existed throughout history, but only those that captivated tribes, nations and people transitioned into modern day society. Sikhism, Shinto and Jainism are some of the religions that have persisted and still have a great deal of followers. All three of these religions are seen as separate, but share similar characteristics. There similarities are respect for life, indigenous to a certain demographic, and non missionary. On the other hand they have separate beliefs regarding violence, what or how to worship etc. To begin, all three of these religions by definition are in fact indigenous religions. Indigenous means to have produced, living, or existing…

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