Religion And Its Impact On The Social Function Essay example

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However, this is not to say that the concept of the paranormal is a new one. Paranormal experiences have been documented since human beings began keeping records. The interpretation of a paranormal experience is largely influenced by an individual’s religion. Religion is a concept that does not have one simple definition. Over the years, religions have and will continue to change and develop as more is explored. Robert Bellah, a religious scholar and sociologist, focused much of his work on the social functions in different religions. Religion has the ability to bring large and small groups together and this ability is one that Bellah finds fascinating. Bellah divides religion into five types that explain the history of religion and the impact on the social function.
Even though there is not one set definition of religion, it is important to look at the way each scholar defines the term. Bellah defines religion as, “that which gives meaning and order, ritual that enacts order, both of which provide community. In each of the following types, the religion, which is embodied in ritual, helps to give meaning and order to a community.” As mentioned in his definition, Bellah has developed his own five types of religion, which include: tribal culture and religion, archaic culture and religion, axial culture and religion, early modern religion and late modern religion. As previously noted, a paranormal experience may be interpreted in different ways and as Bellah explains…

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