Religion And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Religion plays a huge role in our daily lives. Rather your religious practice is Judaism, Christianity, Amish, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism, etc., religion seems to shape minds and have a part of every society. “Over the past 100,000 years, no group of people anywhere on earth have been found that did not practice some type of religion (Haviland, 2011)” In researching religion, I’ve found that most religions work towards positive change within its members, in return brings positive change in society. It provides meaning and gives hope to believers. Not all religions are the same is terms of what their beliefs are, but have a great impact on how we perceive life and death, and it is liberating to a person’s well-being. It shapes our way of communicating and how we process the world around us. Leaders of all congregations are seen as an authority figure in their community. They influence the thinking process and help build a foundation for the future. A lot of our religious backgrounds depends on geographic location or are past from our ancestors and what their beliefs were. Although, I do know a few people that have changed their belief to another that better suits their faith. Faith is recognized through religious culture and also drives the influences made by individuals of society. It is one of the key factors that are compatible with all religious practices.
George Mead believed “that the ongoing process of social interaction and the creating, defining, and…

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