Religion And Its Impact On Religion Essay

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“Religion” appeared as a word as early as c. 1200. It has an Anglo-French origin and constitutes as a basic vocabulary term for any native English speaker. In 1200, “religion” maintained the same definition as it does today, which is “a state of life bound by monastic vows or the condition of one who is a member of a religious order, especially in the Roman Catholic Church” (Religion). Before this time, however, there were many different words pronounced similarly to “religion”, but carried a very different meaning and drastically different spellings. Relegere, for example, was a word that meant “to read over again” and the word religare had a definition of “to bind”. Although these definitions are interesting, there are many more words that relate to the modern definition of “religion.” These words mainly describe various other religions throughout the world, and those who believe in them. “Believer” is a word to related to religion because it’s defined as “one who has faith in religion”. Another word that can be related to “religion” is the word “Islam”, which is “a religious system reveled by Muhammad.” Islam constitutes as one of the biggest and most influential religions in the modern world with 1,600,000 followers worldwide, second only to Christianity.
The diversity that religion presents can be seen worldwide. There are thousands of different religions that exist worldwide, with different religious movements being conceived and started each year (How MANY…). This…

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