Religion And Its Impact On Religion Essay

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Whether someone partakes in the activities of a church or are atheistic, religion touches all of us. Our understanding of how our morality are formed is debateable, with how close an individual’s ideals are connected with their religion’s commandments it is reasonable to believe that there is some connection between the two. To claim that someone does not have ideals, that they cannot think for themselves of what they think is right and wrong is to many, a ridiculous statement which in hand is a ridiculous statement to say those without a god are not able to form ideals for themselves.

Religion, in many cases three main components within itself. First and the most obvious, the history of an individual religion, it’s culture and concepts which are explored within it. Second, the rules or mechanics of religion. Lastly, faith being the core of religion, due to the requirement of it for someone to believe what the individual’s religion is formed around. To show that faith isn’t only required for religiousness, math, seen as a universal truth which itself cannot be proven wrong is ironically derived from faith. Axioms which are the basis of all math cannot be proven right, however we all accept math as true and useful within the world. Euclid’s The Elements provide the postulates which make up all Euclidian geometry, these cannot be quite proven however it is quite hard to argue with; It is possible to draw a straight line between two points. (Fitzpatrick) This is just the first…

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