Essay Religion And Its Clash With Modern Science

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Religion and its clash with modern science is nothing new, from Galileo to Darwin. One of the latest controversies originates in 1831 when Charles Darwin began his five-year voyage around the world and slowly made the discovery of natural selection. Which eventually led to the theory of evolution. Evolution directly contradicted the theory of creationism that the Bible had laid down centuries before. This debate is still ongoing, particularly in the United States. The modern debate is over the possibility of creationism being taught in public schools as an alternative/or alongside evolution. Instead of using the Bible solely for spiritual purposes, many of those who follow it believe that it should be honored as a legitimate science. However, since creationism is unable to be scientifically tested and undergo the same extensive fire that evolution has for centuries, it should not be taught as a science course in public schools. The Bible has been said to date back as far as 3000 BC and has not changed with the times, unlike evolution and science in general. Evolution incorporates new information and phases out information that have been proven incorrect with many different scientific discoveries. Creationism should not be taught as a science course in public schools because of the lack of legitimate science behind it. The fight between evolution and creationism has never been pretty. This dates back to 1925 when a high school teacher named John Scopes faced a legal trial…

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