Religion And Its Accompanying World View Essay

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Religion and its accompanying world view reflects the values of the culture which practices that religion as exhibited in the ancient world cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
In Mesopotamia, it is evident that the religion and world view of the Sumerians reflects the values of their culture based upon their negative outlook on life and the inability they had to trust their gods to take care of them. In Sumer, peoples were afraid of unexpected floods and possible raids by outsiders, which according the Kidner, “this gave the Sumerians a pessimistic outlook on life.” The pessimistic Sumerians believed that these uncertainties in life were caused by their unpredictable gods. The Sumerians believed they could influence the gods in order to make the world more secure, which caused their culture to focus mainly on pleasing and persuading the gods. According to Kidner they “placed small statues of themselves in temples to ensure that the gods would be watching over them,” showing how they would spend their time on religious aspects to ensure their safety. It is evident that the Sumerians polytheistic beliefs and pessimistic world view created a culture in which people were afraid of the world they lived in and attempted to influence their gods to make it a safer one.
In Egypt, their religion and world view affect their culture in a way that is opposite to that of Mesopotamia, where Egyptian culture is based upon their optimistic outlook on life and their ability…

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