Religion And Culture Teaches Rituals Essay

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Religion and culture teaches rituals that family must follow for the preparation of the body for the burial and the funeral service. In some cultures, the wake and time for mourning is a quick process, in others, it can take several weeks before they bury the body. Death is the end, some cultures rejoice others mourn, but between all cultures and religions, it is a time to remember the one who died. The Chinese, Hindu, and Jewish cultures have special requirements guaranteeing the deceased a peaceful passage to the afterlife. Each culture covers up or removes mirrors within the home to prevent problems for friends and family. The Chinese believe that if a person sees the coffin’s reflection in a mirror, that death will occur to someone in his or her family. Jews cover them because man is a reflection of God. Each of these cultures uses white cloth as a symbol of purity and devoutness, the Hindus and Jews cover the bodies in white cloths after they wash them, and the Chinese hang a white cloth in the doorway of the home. In contrast, age, status, and wealth within the Chinese society determine how the family manages a person’s death. Age is important because an elderly person cannot show respect to anyone younger than them, and wealth determines how long the family holds the wake, even if this process causes debt. However, Hindus believe that all family members, including children, should be active in the preparing for a loved one to die, and as a person is dying…

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