Religion : A Cultural System Of Behaviors And Practices Essay

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The term Religion can be defined as a cultural system of behaviors and practices, which determines the order of existence. However, based on Emile Durkheim he gave an over view of the basic concept of what religion is. He stated that religion involves “things that surpass the limits of our knowledge”, which on the other hand defines most objects, events, or experiences as profane meaning “outside the temple”, which entails an ordinary element of daily life. Therefore, we consider some of the things scared. Sacred is somewhat set apart as an extraordinary, inspiring awe and reverence. Setting the sacred apart from the profane is the essence of all religious belief. Religion, then, is a social-institution involving beliefs and practices based on recognizing the sacred. In terms of Sociology and Religion, it can be analyzed that because religion deals with the aspect of ideas that transcend everyday experience, neither common sense nor sociology can prove or disprove religious doctrine. Religion is a matter of faith which is a belief based on conviction rather than on scientific evidence. Sociologist tend to study religion just as they would study the family which enhances them to understand religious experiences around the world and how religion is tied to other social institutions. Furthermore, they do not make such judgements that a specific religion is right or wrong in terms of ultimate truth. Rather, than just being scientifically in a more worldly…

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