Essay Religion : A Cultural System Of Behavior And Practices

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Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. (Webster Dictionary) Religion is also a cultural system of behavior and practices. Different religions contain different system of beliefs, ranging from the divine, scared things, and faith. There are over four-thousand religions in the world. The main four religions of the world are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Religious practices includes rituals, sermons, sacrifices, festivals, meditation, prayer, music, and others aspects of culture. The impact religion has on the world today is through depression, alcohol abuse, families. Through society, the practice of religion has changed the lives for many American people. “Americans pray even more than they go to church. According to a composite of surveys, 94 percent of blacks, 91 percent of women, 87 percent of whites, and 85 percent of men regard themselves as people who pray regularly. Some 78 percent pray at least once per week, and 57 percent pray daily. Even among the 13 percent of the population who call themselves agnostics or atheists, some 20 percent pray daily.” (Patrick F. Fagan) Praying is a major factor in religion. When people pray, they pray to God or many Gods due to their religion. Praying is a major benefactor for American people because it allows one to have a conversation with God and feel connected. Religion is a factor in reducing depression. People who attended church service regularly were less…

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