Religion : A Belief Of Divinity And Spiritual Views Essay

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Religion can be depicted as a belief in divinity and spiritual views. Buddhism dominantly revolves around life and the teachings of Gautama, likewise Christianity similarly revolves around life and the teachings of Jesus. However they differ in minor views such as: spiritual values, the concept of afterlife, and the purpose for living. Though the two religions share similar concepts, they exhibit differences that set them apart from each other.
Buddhism’s founder, Siddharta Guatama, had four powerful sightings that moved him, which led to the findings of Buddhism’s marks of existence. At the age of 29, Gautama saw an old man, who was disabled by age; a sick man, disabled by disease; a dead man; and a poor man, who was still contented. He realized that happiness was neither pain nor pleasure, but something in between. Thus, came the marks of existence, consisting of: life contains suffering; the doctrine of impermanence; and the no-self doctrine. To want something, causes pain likewise being satisfied by your wants brings boredom. From these statements, life is sought to be an oscillation between pain and boredom, which brought forth the idea of life contains suffering. The idea of nothing in the universe lasts longer than an instant, brought forth the doctrine of impermanence. Consider a river where every second brings new water, but keeps the same behavior. Because the water is changing, this is no single persisting substance, making it seem as if there is no such thing as…

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