Essay on Relics, Crusades And People

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Relics, crusades and people Relics obtained in the crusades became a significant part of pilgrimage, in fact the church adapted a larger apes for better storage. Relics such as the crown of thorns justify Jesus (the son of god) and his word because many people where poor they went on crusades for relics, land, wealth, and the word of god. I intend to argue and utilize artifacts obtained in the crusades. The majority of images will come from Art History fifth edition by Maryn Stostand and as well as other documents (books, peer reviewed online journals) to understand the implications the crusades had on people. How did, the relics influence the church and people’s ideas? How would spreading the word of god generate wealth and prosperity? I will be address the visual aspect then its implication on society. Detailed imagery spreads “the word of god.” Descriptions of bible scenes lead clues as to what values are important to citizens, and church. How much of a role did “God” play in in these values? Did these values actually generate wealth, prosperity and a stronger relationship with god? Or did this idea cause conflict and degrade relations between western countries and the Middle East. How is this represented visually?

Ables, Richard. "Timeline for the Crusades and Christian Holy War." Timeline for the Crusades and Christian Holy War. Accessed February 14, 2016.
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