Essay about Relevance Of Special Need Offenders

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• Explain why you chose the topic and its relevance to human studies or field of public safety.
• Examine different viewpoints on the subject. Instead of just providing a summary of each article, make sure that it is analyzing information and organize content on relevant topics (trends).
• To incorporate multiple perspectives in their literature review, the two viewpoints and opposing support.
• Analyze the main conclusions of the proposed solution to the problem or issue represented by the items discussed.
• Assess the potential ethical concerns in the conduct of research that has been directed or undirected.
Service providers should consider the needs of offenders for service as critical because of how their impact on the welfare of the whole community. The community can greatly benefit from investing in treatment and support services for ex-offenders (and their families) that clearly reduce recidivism, which involves damage to property and the local population and enormous social cost the crimes committed, the conviction and imprisonment of offenders (Jacksonville Community Council, Inc., 2001).
In addition, improving the delivery of community services for offenders also benefits other sectors of society that depend on the same network service. • Evaluation of clinical and social needs of offenders, and the risks they pose to health and public safety. • Planning and services necessary to meet these…

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