Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

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The program initially starts with teaching the nurses how to relax. If the nurses realize that they can manage the stress levels that will be a solid start. Some individuals think if they can just relax their mind or is they can participate in their favorite hoppy such as running, jogging, horseback riding or sports that is the only way to relax. This method is different it involves minimizing the stress on the body and the stress that effects the mind. If the nurses can change their way of how they are currently relaxing this method can help them reduce their stress levels and the health any upcoming or dormant health issues that can result from a higher stress work environment or life-style. A high stress level work environment and or lifestyle can lead to health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart problems and many other debilitating problems of pain of their bones and joints. It will be advantageous for the nurses to pro-act and educate themselves on this issues prior to becoming a victim of these health problems. The nurses will be able to learn and benefit from having these techniques. To start the process, the nurses, need to have each individual nurse take a …show more content…
The Autogenic Technique uses visual imagery and helps you to become aware of your body to aid in reduces stress. There is the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique where you concentrate on the difference between relaxing and what give you tension. If you are a visual person there is a technique for you too it is called Visualization Technique you conjure up mental images and go to a peaceful place or where you feel calm. To further relax you can experience bio feedback, get a massage, get hypnotized, just experience deep breathing, Yoga or Tai Chi. Even though most of the techniques are very simple it does take practice to get comfortable with doing them

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