Relativism Is The Best Way Of Looking At Morality Essay

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Relativism is the belief that each culture defines their own morality and because of this we should not judge a cultures morality because one is not better than the other. Acceptance is a strength of relativism, because it could promote the idea that we are all different and we should all accept each other for who we are. Another of its strengths is allowing people to choose a moral code to live by and not be subjected to one way of thinking. However there are some downsides to relativism, for example promoting intolerance. Intolerance promoted due to the fact that if a culture is committing genocide relativists say that we are not allowed to judge them because that might just be a part of their culture. Another weakness is that because relativism says that morality is derived from each culture it can lead to subjectivism, which means that each person creates their own morality with some influences from their culture. I don 't think this is the best way of looking at morality, because this can be used as an excuse by a society to commit crimes. On the other hand, Absolutists believe that morality absolute and universal. Meaning that there are a set of rules which apply to everyone and are unchangeable. A good thing about absolutism is that the rules apply to everyone and no one is exempt from them. However, that could also be seen as a set back, because if a person is breaking the rules to save someone else then they could still be punished due to the rules in place. Another…

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