A 1000 Splendid Suns Analysis

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Throughout the first section of the book, A 1000 Splendid Suns written by Khaled Hosseini illustrates how the relationship between the parents have an effect on the children. The protagonist of this novel, is an Afghanistan names Mariam, who is innocent and does not know the truth behind her life. Furthermore, the theme of this novel is about parenting and telling the truth. For example, it is said that Mariam 's mother, Nana, cared for her ever since she was born and was abandon by her father, Jalil. On the other hand, Jalil 's says that he was the one who arranged the delivery and provided for her as well. However, the irony is that, Nana restricts her from enjoying a normal life by calling her a harami and does not let her attend school. …show more content…
In this case, Laila in comparison grew up as the only child, since her two brother went off to war and has a closer bond with her father. Between both fathers, Jalil and Hakim, they both treat their daughters with kindness and are easygoing. Also, both Laila and Mariam don 't share a strong bond with their mother 's, since Laila 's mother suffer from depression due to her sons ' absences and Mariam 's mother treats her with disrespect . Moreover, Hakim and Fariba 's relationship is similar to Rasheed and Mariam 's marriage. For example, in the beginning of both marriages, each other loved one another and Fariba found [Hakim] forgetfulness and ineptitude charming" (Hosseini 118). This explains that at one point of their marriage Fariba loved Hakim, similar to Mariam and Rasheed 's story. Soon after their marriage, they have two sons, which leave off to war and this causes fights between the two parents because of their son 's absences. In contrast, Rasheed once had a son and tries to have a son with Mariam, but fails to deliver one, hence stresses the point that both families go through arguments, since they don 't have any sons. In essence, the introduction of Laila, expands on the relationship expectations and how they affect one

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