Relationships, Family, And / Romantic Relationships Essay

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A relationship is described as, “the way in which two or more people or things are connected”. (Merriam-Webster) This means in order to have a successful relationship there needs to be a strong connection between the two parties. This can refer to various types for example friendships, family, and/or romantic relationships. The romantic relationship is one of the more intimate of the versions of relationships. That is also specifically one relationship that I have experienced and still am experiencing, with my boyfriend, Daniel. I have learned that there are three major concepts that are needed in order to have a successful intimate romantic relationship with your significant other. One is following the social penetration theory, this is basically, how you reveal layers of your self to the other person, like pealing an onion. The second is relational maintenance, this is known as the communication that keeps the relationship on the right track and builds trust between the two parties. And the last major concept is having a relationship commitment, this is a promise to be loyal and for both sides to work at the relationship and not lead it astray. (Alder) I have learned and experienced each of these concepts and have seen how they play an important role in creating and maintaining a successful relationship. The social penetration theory is described as having two sections, the breadth and the depth. Beginning with the breadth of a relationship, it is the range around the…

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