Relationships Between Women And Women In The Poetry Of Lady Mary Wroth

Lady Mary Wroth was an exceptional poet of the sixteenth century who wrote passionately about relationships between women and men. Wroth was unlike women of her time, because she had a formal education whereas many other women did not have this opportunity. This advantageous educational opportunity allowed Wroth to develop her literary skills beyond many poets of her time. Due to Wroth’s writing about relationships that seemed to resemble real-life relationships, some people of her time heavily criticized her for slander and falsely describing relationships. Wroth’s passionate descriptions of her relationships allow women readers to relate to her writing more than men would; however, because Wroth was a woman, it allowed her to reach levels of writing that men could not attain. Surprisingly, Wroth wrote many poems describing the negativity of love, which is typically the opposite of what one would expect a woman to write. Wroth’s different …show more content…
Each line in this poem is composed of eight syllables, even though some lines look as though they would be shorter in length. The consistency of eight syllables in every line is one aspect that gives the poem it’s form. The poem is split up into five stanzas, with four lines per stanza. Each stanza of the poem provides a different perspective of the speaker’s lover. In the first stanza the lover is like a spoiled child, and in the second and third stanzas, the lover has matured a little bit to the point that he knows exactly what he wants and has the ability to cheat and lie. In the fourth stanza, the lover is depicted as having acknowledged his power over the speaker in that he knows he is the cause of the speaker’s wailing, yet triumphs in it. At the end of the poem in the fifth stanza, the speaker has realized that directly seeking out love will only end up harming one’s

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