Squid And The Whale: Film Analysis

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Relationships between parents and their children is a bond that is beautiful, deadly, and corresponding in ways that can be unrecognizable. It’s a type of love that will change you completely and you never even realize. Both the parents and the children they bare are in unsolvable debt to each other and there is rarely a demand to be repaid. Possibly the most beautiful thing about the relationship between a child and their parents is both have something to learn, and something to teach. In the film, “Squid and the Whale” the bond between Walt, Frank, Bernard, and Joan seemed dysfunctional from the very beginning. It seemed Frank and Joan were closer than Walt and Bernard. Frank never really searched for his father’s approval or liking, he just did his own thing. He was never interested in movies or books like Bernard. Frank loved tennis and wanted to be a pro tennis star. Frank was closer to his mother and always took her side. He seemed like he got along better with Ivan than his own father. It never seemed Bernard and frank were close or Bernard attempted to be into Frank’s interests as he didn’t get the right tennis poster or knew that turtles were reptiles and not amphibians. On the other hand, Walt was a spitting image of his father as he …show more content…
Just like in the film, Bernard would play ping pong with Frank. The impression I got from both scenes is that their father liked to win these games they would play with their sons. Brad and Frank are similar in the sense they aren’t like their fathers. Brad was into the arts while his father was an athletic person. In the film, Bernard was a man of literature and arts while Frank seemed to be more into tennis than books. Frank referred to himself as a philistine, but his father didn’t buy it or at least didn’t want to buy it. As far as interests go, they weren’t very

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