Relationships Between Characters In Stand By Me

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Register to read the introduction… The dialogue of the two relationships is very important because it shows how close the characters are to each other. The director uses a long shot of Teddy and Vern walking side by side then several meters be hide them Chris and Gordie walking. This makes us understand the two relationships inside the group. Teddy and Vern are talking about superman, whist Chris and Gordie are talking about the problems they have with life. This is important because it shows the depth of their relationship. We can tell this because “You know your close with someone when you can just talk about life with them.”
The important relationship between Chris and Gordie is also shown to us through music. The use of the song “stand by me” is symbolic in the relationship between Chris and Gordie because they have stayed with each other through thick and thin over the journey. The orchestral version of the song is used during the film in various scenes before the full lyrical version is used at the end. The lyrics emphisis the important relationship between these two boys and motif of this song throughout the film helped us understand the bond between

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