Essay on Relationships and Interactions in Biology

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Biology essay – Relationships and interactions
There are many different types of relationships and interactions between organisms. Every organism is in some way connected or associated with another. Some organisms need to depend on other organisms to survive which shows how important some of these relationships or interactions can be in biology. Interaction is a vital part of how many organisms develop over time.
Predation is a main example of a relationship between organisms. Predation involves predators and prey, such as a fox catching and eating a rabbit. There are two other forms of predation called, parasitism and grazing. Parasitism is where the host organism is exploited and used for benefit by the other organism called a
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Competition is one of many interacting factors that affect a community structure. Competition between members of the same species is called intraspecific competition and between members of different species it’s called interspecific competition. Organisms cannot acquire a resource when other organisms consume or defend that resource. Competitors reduce one another’s growth, reproduction and survival. There are two different types of competition known as interference and exploitative. During interference competition, organisms interact directly by fighting for resources. An example of this is when large insects defend feeding sites on cottonwood leaves by kicking smaller insects away. In contrast, exploitative competition is where organisms interact indirectly by consuming resources. For example, plants consume nitrogen by absorbing it via their roots which makes less nitrogen available to nearby plants. So plants with more roots will typically take up most of the nitrogen which kills neighbouring plants. The competitive exclusion principle is used to explain how species coexist. If two species have identical niches then they would be attempting to live in the exact same area and would compete for the exact same resources. If this happened, the species that was the best competitor would be able to exclude its competitors from that area. Therefore species cannot coexist if they have the same niche.
Courtship behaviour is a type of

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