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Christ is believed to be known all over the world, but he also has a very distinct relationship with everyone on this planet. His relationship varies in several ways with dozens of cultures, and many of his followers have perceived him as God’s and the one and only. They believe that he was sent to earth from God the creator of the universe to lead a path to the pearly gates of heaven where is father resides. They believe he also died for their sins, and that this earth was a very dark place and Christ was the light that led people from darkness. However, that relationship does not appear to exist with other cultures, such as Judaism, Islam and many other non-Christian cultures. Many of their relationships are just acknowledging Christ existence. …show more content…
Judaism birthed Christianity before it was considered Christianity, it was Judaism, and however there were certain Jews who did not agree with some of the Jewish laws anymore along with their perspective on things. So those Jews then branched off, refusing to call themselves Jews, which were later called on Christians. Jesus was born a Jew and at the age of 12 was able to perform miracles and had accomplished many other things no one has ever seen. Many Jews viewed his miracles as astonishing, but never considered him to be their Messiah. In their eyes, he was considered a prophet who showed great examples of how many could live their …show more content…
They do not follow Christian Holidays nor celebrate that birth or death of Christ, but instead ignore those important dates and some even believe that Christ story was over simplified, both Muslims and Jews I have spoken with believed that Christ was given a title he does not deserve. Christians would disagree with Jewish and Islamic cultures with many believing that Christian culture is the most important culture of all. Christians have a more profound relationship with Christ and most of all, they believe in Christ which Jews and Muslims do not. There are other many non- Christian cultures that do not believe that Christ is God’s one and only son along with salvation being only obtainable through

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