Relationship Marketing Outcomes In Service Business

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Register to read the introduction… A key challenge for researchers is to identify and understand how managerially controlled antecedent variables influence important relationship marketing outcomes (e.g., customer loyalty and word-of-mouth communication). Relational benefits, which have a focus on the benefits consumers receive apart from the core service, and relationship quality, which focuses on the overall nature of the relationship, represent two approaches to understanding customer loyalty and word of mouth.This integrates these two concepts by positioning customer satisfaction and commitment as relationship quality dimensions that partially mediate the relationship between three relational benefits (confidence benefits, social benefits, and special treatment benefits) and the two outcome variables. The results provide support for the model and indicate that the concepts of customer satisfaction, commitment, confidence benefits, and social benefits serve to significantly contribute to relationship marketing outcomes in …show more content…
Dataindicates that 79% of UK businesses are adversely affected by the current economic climate, with just 20% seeing any recovery in 2011.If a business is lucky enough still to be operating at the end of this year, it’s vital for that brand to understand what might make consumers keep spending or even shell out more on their goods or services. what lies behind consumer loyalty to companies defines several core groups of consumers, from those who are truly loyal to a brand to those who have “spurious loyalty” or “latent …show more content…
But maybe the more interesting question for marketers is: “Just how do we know what our customers need us to get right?”This is where market research comes in. It can act as a funnel for delivering consumer needs, interests and demands to brands to help companies offer people the correct products and services

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Update: Outlook 2010 isn't looking any better.

As the dust settles on the big bust up over Outlook 2007 and how it displays emails, I thought I'd sum up the arguments, issues and implications. Here goes...

The story so far

Microsoft's new version of Outlook, the email client included within their forthcoming Office 2007 software, features an important change in how it displays emails.

Previously, Outlook relied on the technology behind its sibling web browser (Internet Explorer) to interpret the underlying code and instructions that HTML emails use to tell Outlook where and how to display all those images, colors

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