Relationship Is Good As Being Heartless Essay

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for mutual respect because all in all without it that relationship is good as being heartless. Nonetheless, leaders and individuals should strive to be self-assured in the manner of being confident in the decisions they make and not scared to admit they’re wrong. Although, many consider people with this characteristic as cocky they are not they are just people who believe in their own abilities and limits. That is where some people fall because they are either to scared or single-minded. To me personally, being self-assured means confidence in who they are what they believe and not caring what people think of them. Finally, adventurous this is someone that is open to many ideas, confident in themselves in term of doing things they want, and not scared to admit they are wrong. I believe that people should not be afraid of how they are and embrace themselves and be adventurous with there ideas. To see Katerina demonstrate these characteristics you must really observe because she is sometimes keen when it comes to showing people the real her. She keeps to herself and has a very tight knit group of friends, but is also very out going. When it comes to leading she must have the trust of the entire group in many situations I have seen people she does not trust regret it. Breaking her trust is something she takes to heart and she will make sure that you know you hurt her. Gaining her trust backs takes a while because she does these little tests to see whether this person truly…

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