Relationship Counseling Assignment : Relationship Counselling Assignment

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Relationship Counselling Assignment
(1.) Steven and Lucy are a married couple. One night, Steven was going to celebrate the 7th marriage anniversary with Lucy with a romantic dinner and rose, that was when Lucy spilled the beans that she was cheating on him with an affair called Eli. Steven felt shock and disbelief at first, then outrage and disappointment at Lucy’s betrayal and especially after he took effort in making a romantic time for the two of them. Lucy was feeling guilty and scared at what Steven would do. After Steven calmed down, they started talking and tried to work the problem out. Steven still loves Lucy and wants to save the marriage, but Lucy does not know whether to stay in her 7 years of marriage or chose Eli. She doubted her feelings for both men.
(2.) The emotions change for different people or different stages of time even if it is the same scenario. The characters in this scene could be feeling any kind of emotions depending on their situations. Without knowing what kind of things happened before this scene, it is assumed the main emotions Lucy are likely to experience are guilt and shame. She might be feeling guilty for cheating on her husband and shame upon her own actions. Guilt is a secondary emotion blended by joy and fear (Daniel Benjamin Smith, 2010). It is the emotion of doing, or done something that is pleasurable or desirable, but against moral or the will of others. In this case the pleasurable stimulus is the secret love affair Lucy was…

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