Relationship Between Women And Women Essay

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Around 2006 or 2007, in addition to repeated inappropriate relationships with women he came into contact with through his work over the years, he expressed deep feelings for a much younger coworker. He inadvertently left his computer on one day and I discovered many emails professing his desire for her, how he missed her over the holiday weekend and couldn’t wait to see her again, and how beautiful she looked at the company Christmas party. He went on to say that he so wished he could talk to her and hold her but she was with her fiancé. He decided to forgo a family birthday to be at that Christmas party and sent me alone with 2 children at night on a 90 mile drive so he could see her instead. They had special nicknames for one another, would speak on the phone in the evenings when he offered to go to the grocery store for me, (I used to wonder why a 10 minute round trip took an hour but never dreamed the truth would be so bad) and even met in person occasionally. He introduced her to me and I thought of her as a friend. He even asked me to give her a complimentary facial because she came up with a great marketing idea for my business. He put her and everything about her before me to the point of humiliating me to perform an act of service on his object of lust. I was shocked when I discovered he attempted to have a relationship with this MUCH younger ENGAGED GIRL. He swears to this day it was an emotional connection only and a cry for attention but not physical. I will…

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