Relationship Between Women And Women Essay

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Money may or may not buy happiness, but it can surely get independence, security and authority for a women in a marriage. I am from Pakistan, a third world country where most women are still considered property of their husbands. Consequently, there is little love between spouses and more compromise on the part of women in such marriages. This can be attributed to the prevailing attitude towards women in the society, but the major reason is that the women do not have a source of income. Their economic dependence subjects them to inequality and discrimination. I want to be independent, have my own identity and be on equal terms with my husband. Therefore, I intend to have a career before getting married.
Money impacts every relationship but the affect it has on matrimony is most profound, especially concerning the sex roles. The role of a women in a marriage is greatly altered if she has a career. This correlation between women earning money and the change in her role as a wife is quite prominent in the history of America. American women up till 1920’s held traditional roles in a married life. Their sole purpose was home making and child rearing. For a women, success in life meant a successful marriage. This notion began to change, albeit slowly, when women started entering male dominated labor force in 1920’s. Mara Dunleavy in How Changing Sex Roles Have Affected the Family Unit in United States notes “[W]omen’s roles have changed not only as a consequence of the women’s…

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