Relationship Between Whites And Native Americans Essay

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Throughout the course of history the relationship between Whites and Native Americans changed drastically. When traders first arrived to the Pacific Northwest a bond was created between the traders and the Native Americans due to a mutual dependency on both sides for a wide range of commodities. Later on the mutual bond and respect between them deteriorated and resulted in the Native American’s being categorized as inferior to the Whites. Such relationship changes were a result of three main factors; social changes, technological differences between both groups and an overarching fear of each other. These factors pushed the scale from being more balanced to falling in favor of the Whites, thus giving them more power and control over the Native Americans.
The first Europeans to arrive in the Pacific Northwest were explorers intent on discovering the fabled Northwest Passage. Although they were not successful in this regard, they soon learnt that the resources the Pacific Northwest contained were very significant trade commodities, especially the furs. Thus began the exploitation of the Pacific Northwest and its development as a hinterland. The Hudson’s Bay Company was the biggest trading company in the region. They would trade guns, metal objects and wool blankets with the Indians for these furs. Along with that, the British and Americans needed Native American knowledge and technology to navigate the raging rivers such as the Columbia River. They were in awe of the Native…

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