Relationship Between The United States Government And Its States

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The relationship between the United States government and its states began on July 4, 1776, and has overcome differences in ideologies, foreign attacks, and arduous times. These obstacles have created a nation determined on creating an atmosphere where its citizens can thrive, by managing economics, politics and cultural boundaries in a democratic government. Fireworks light up the sky in abundant and vibrant hues, which mark the years of battles for independence from Great Britain and denote the thriving nation into which the United States has prospered. The nation has adopted a democratic government, associated with vesting the power in the people who directly or indirectly exercise the power through voting or protesting. The founding fathers of the nation stood by their stance in opposition to a tyrannical government, sovereignty owned by a single individual, but were hesitant to allow the average person to govern such a large nation. One expressing his worry was James Madison, in “FEDERALIST #10: "...instability, injustice, and confusion ...have in truth been the mortal disease under which popular governments everywhere perished..." ( Therefore, a system of checks and balances was implemented to maintain stability and accountability. Texas’ three branches of government derive from the projection of effective leadership through the United States three branches of government. The relationship between the U.S. federal and state government are analogous to the…

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