Relationship Between The Classroom Learning Environment And Student Goal Orientation

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Relationship between the classroom learning environment and student goal orientation. There are many patterns that links classroom structure and the differences in the goals of a student. Performance and learning goals is one of the set models. There are students who set performances goals and are focus on striving to complete those goals. Learning goals are set to increase the common core of what they should know.
Evaluating the Significance of the Problem
The checklist for evaluating the process of a quantitative study has completed. The study does reflect the comparison among groups or a relationship among variable. The problem statement does indicate an educational issue to study. The review of literature does follow the study APA styles. The purpose hypotheses, and research questions does contain the major components that will help a reader understand the study. Data collection has been identified as good, valid and reliable instruments to use to measure the variables. Data Analysis and results is adequately represented in tables and figures. The writing is using an appropriate for intended audience The problem statement indicates an educational issue to study. There has been years of study to reflect the differences between classroom learning and student goals. In our school district, student’s goals and objectives are essential for the progression of the student’s success. Classroom learning dictates how the student will learn and how students will…

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