Relationship Between Student And Teacher Perceptions Of Motivation And Teachers

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Good Afternoon EDL 605:

It was nice seeing you all last night. I enjoyed our discussion about the relationship between student and teacher perceptions of motivation and teacher-designed assessments, and the challenges we face with respect to Connecticut’s outrageous achievement gap.

Over the past two class sessions, my goal was to help you develop some basic quantitative analysis skills, and offer an insight into quantitative research methodology. When you become an administrator, the success of your school will directly connect to your ability to qualitatively analyze the efficacy of your school’s programming, just as you did when you conducted your NEASC self-study research. The success of your school will also be linked to your ability to quantitative analyze your school’s performance, just as you did with our class research project and review of Connecticut’s achievement gap data. I encourage you to acquire SPSS (ask your district to purchase it for your school), and use it as a data warehouse. I love data, and would be more than happy to help anyone organize and analyze student performance data or other data sets. Your ability to conduct quantitative analysis, report on the results, and use the results to inform curriculum, instruction, and assessment will establish you as a scholar and true educational leader when you assume a school leadership position.

For those of you going on to pursue your Sixth Year Degree, or potentially a doctorate degree, you will spend a…

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