Relationship Between Stable Relationship And Customer Satisfaction

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This proposal will consider the interrelation between stable relationship within the company and its relations with the customer in order to understand how this could affect the business performance. The investigation will be conducted by evaluating how corporate advantages as streamline vision and mission, customer relationship management, strong team working and customer loyalty could be fundamental in order to achieve company’s objectives.

The intention of this study will be to compare this issue through the customer service industry and understand where faulty procedure could be detected and how significant improvements will lead companies to succeed and gain a competitive advantage. It will mainly focus on customer service industries considering companies procedures and analysing the medium-small companies in a fast-paced environment. Furthermore, comparisons with big successful firms might show whether several improvements and outcomes will be feasible.

Analysis will be related to several different concept and frameworks, following this investigation will be conducted on how to improve corporate relationship and customer experience in order to have competitive advantage and organisational success.

Literature Review

“Building meaningful business relationships is very important as people are a company’s biggest asset. Remembering anything I have in common with somebody and the context of our last meeting helps cut through the chit-chat when we next meet…

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