Relationship Between Sports Participation And Academic Achievement

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1. The search terms I used to locate this study were “high school,” “athletics,” “academic achievement.” I found the study in the SPORTDiscus with Full Text database. I chose this study over the others in the search results because it directly related to be research topic, and, after reading the abstract, I noticed that it was unique compared to the other studies I had already looked at. While the first few studies I analyzed solely focused on the relationship between sport participation and academic achievement, this study also investigated the relationship between academic achievement and physical activity not associated with sport.
Fox, C., Barr-Anderson, D., Neumark-Sztainer, D., & Wall, M. (2010). Physical activity and sports team participation: associations with academic outcomes in middle school and high school students. Journal of School Health, 80(1), 31-37. Retrieved November 27, 2015, from SPORTDiscus.
2. There is no “Review of Literature” section in this study, but the authors provide substantial background information in the opening section of the study. The authors mention that there have been multiple studies that have shown that students who engage in more hours of physical activity tend to have better academic achievement than those who are less physically active. They do acknowledge that there have been very few studies that have shown “no favorable relationship” between academic performance and physical activity. The researchers provide…

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