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The Relationship Between the Physical Process of Sculpture and the Development of Its Meaning

A sculpture might be defined as the physical manifestation of an idea. Material is the source of the sculpture, matter that the viewer can know through senses other than sight. Technique manipulates the material in order to express a meaning from the work. When a sculptor undergoes this physical process of creation, they are producing a relationship between the meaning of a work and its physicality. In other words, for a object to be considered sculpture, the physical process must be able to express a meaning beyond the sculpture’s own physicality.

In the exhibit, Reproductive! by the sculptor Kenny Hunter at the Edinburgh Sculptural Workshop, the connection between physical processes and meaning in
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In this exhibit, Hunter examines the ways in which a sculpture can be defined as a copy or reproduction of a original. Hunter states that his goal is to “question notions of historical meaning and progress…inverting traditional monumental values through unexpected use of scale, material, processes, and subject matter to open up questions for the viewer rather than provide meaning”. Hunter seeks to subvert the historical lineage of sculpture by using an amalgamation of features which are either established sculptural notions to features which indicate a physical process of copying. By doing this, the physical processes connection to meaning is eschewed, the sculpture becomes a copy of the object and its sculptural form. Reproductive! demands a reassessment of the relationship between physical process and meaning and a review of the placement of the copy in sculpture.

A key feature of historical understanding between the relationship of the physical process and meaning is the concept of originality. Since sculpture is a three dimensional, physical object that can be

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