Relationship Between Science And Religion Essay

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For many years, there have been varied interactions between science and religion making understanding complex. However, models have been used to make more sense in getting to associate the two. This paper focuses on the principle models that have been suggested to describe the engagement between science and religion. Science by definition based on the subject matter is a continuing search or quest that makes progress but never arrives at the absolute truth. What leads those in science is the philosophy of naturalism that does not give advise the existence of anything supernatural at any time in history. Religion can be defined as a system of beliefs relating to transcendent realities concerning the purpose and meaning in the world, expressed in social practices. There is always room for debate on how religious factors can legitimately interface with science in cases where the engagement is done carefully, avoiding any pitfalls.

Traditionally, three principle models have been proposed to describe the relationship between science and religion: complementarity, conflict and coexistence. The three principle models of engagement between science and religion differ in their view of the nature of theology and how it should or should not interact with science. The complementarity model suggest that religion and science get to address the same reality but from different perspectives giving explanations that are not in any rivalry with each other but rather complement each…

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