Relationship Between School Climate And Causes And Consequences Of Bullying In Schools

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Douglass, K. R. (2009). A study of the relationship between group perception of school climate and incidences of bullying at the junior high/middle school level (Order No. 3357575). Available from ProQuest Central; ProQuest Education Journals. (304917098).

In this article the author discuss the effects bulling has on the victims and their educational achievement. Frequently, the students who are bullied often tend to have a disability and handicap. Bullies make victims feel insecure and unprotected when there on campus. This causes the victim to withdrawn and lose focus on his or her school work. The studied surveyed over two hundred educators, student and parents from five
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This article explored the impact of bullying on achievement and the extent to which high and low achieving students are more vulnerable to bullying. Results indicate that bullying is relatively more frequent among blacks who are higher achievers and that bullying has equally detrimental consequences on later achievement for all racial/ethnic groups considered in this study. Bullying in schools has been and increasing concern in schools over the past 3 to 4 years. Research has showed that bullying is detrimental to student’s emotional and psychological development. In the article bullying was defined as the repeated and unwarranted physical, verbal and social abuse. Research has showed that bullying can cause dramatic declines in achievement. The researchers in this article stated that bullying does have a negative impact on student achievement, but to what degree the author was unclear. The author states that although there are few studies that explore bullying and effects on student behavior, there are several studies that research the effects of stress has on academic achievement. The study states that bullying has an adverse effect on achievement in comparison to students that were not bullied, but due to the fact that bullying and achievement are measured at the same point and time, it becomes difficult to determined …show more content…
Previous research has showed that higher performing Black and Latino children are more likely to be bullied. Ms. Williams and Mr. Peguero came to their assumption that by linking children starting point in the 9th grade, before the school year starts, in comparison with ongoing monitoring of these students academic performance while they are in high school. Just under half of the students in the study were experiencing some form of bullying, when ask if they were be bullied in school. Other studies were mentioned in this article as well, one that involved analyzing the prototype of children who bully. The study showe that most often the bullies are students in the center of popularity among their peers. The researchers discovered that African American and Hispanic children who were successful academically were subject to bulling at a higher percentage than those student who levels of academic achievement were

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