Relationship Between Religion And Islam And Violence

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Topic- How do we understand the relationship between religion particularly Islam and violence?

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The word religion is derived from two Latin word “Re” and “Ligare” meaning to reconnect. Religion have taught us that we need to adopt and developed higher qualities of love, mercy, kindness and so on. These higher qualities are a natural by product by developing a deeper connection with our spiritual nature and so in this respect religion can be thought of as a vehicle to support our spiritual development and our reconnection with divinity.
In this way human being will be better at working together to create a better and more harmonious world. Unfortunately this higher truth does
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Mainstream Islamic law stipulates detailed regulations for the use of violence. Western views Islam, as based on the stereotype of it as an inherently violent religion, characterizing it as a religion of sword. They characterize the image of Islam in the western world as ‘dominated by conflict’ aggression, fundamentalism and global scale violent terrorism. To understand the connection between Islam and violence, one must understand certain facets of the Muslim worldwide. One of the most important is the fact that, according to the historic Muslim understanding, there is no separation between religion and government, where Islamic society should be a theocracy- a society in which god himself is the monarch, reigning on earth through

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