Essay on Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships

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In a marriage that has been through a long path that has many more years to go, aspects of the marriage tend to fall short. Intimacy plays a strong role in a marriage, in earlier years of a marriage a couple is infatuated with one other and is strongly connected physically, emotionally and spiritually. As time passes and children are brought into the picture it is difficult for a couple to still be intimately engaged while there are many distractions that need to be attended to, there is a slight disconnection between both partners. Both partners touched on the topic of physical intimacy, they both agreed upon that throughout the years’ time was only so little between alone time and raising three children. Continuing, they shared spending time alone with each other was formed as “strategic planning”, it felt as if they were business meeting which lacked the spontaneous feeling of spending time with your loved on. The wife began to share that in that point in time the marriage had a “dry point” not because of her husband but because of the responsibilities that were at hand. The couple both then sought out to have quiet alone time regardless of how tired they may be but they’re rather sacrifice their own selfish needs to please their partners desires to have a strong physical intimacy connection. In the journal article Attitudes on marriage and new relationships: Cross-national evidence on the deinstitutionalization of marriage by authors Judith Treas, Jonathan Lui, & Zoya…

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