Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships Essay

1571 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
Today’s society hinges on the idea that communication shapes relationships and how successful they are. While growing up, children are taught how to properly act and talk in order to maintain a healthy relationship and be effective communicators. However, what if instead of the communication being the determination of the relationship, the type of relationship is essentially what shapes the communication? More specifically, how does the relationship of family members effect the communication involved, compared to the relationship of romantic partners? By observing and analyzing this in everyday life, one can begin to recognize that these specific types of relationships can effect the impacts, outcomes, goals, and overall nature of the communication. Over the past few months I was able to observe and analyze a number of interactions between different types of relationships. One of the first interactions I observed this year involved a romantic relationship. My roommate Megan was in a new relationship and this relationship clearly affected the ways she processed, and acted on the communication involved. Throughout the interaction she expressed a strong desire to think of her romantic partner as flawless, and she avoided conflict in any way possible, demonstrating that her words, thoughts, and emotions were all extremely dependent upon the type of relationship. Recently, I was also able to observe a conversation between two of my family members. The conversation, which…

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