Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships Essay

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Introduction This relationship was, at first, very close knit, but with a lack of trust and communication, the relationship started deteriorating. I was in a relationship with a boy named Cole, where we dated for almost a year. At first, we were all for each other, we were attracted to each other, we were able to disclose with one another, we were similar, and thought we loved one another. We had known each other prior to the relationship but were only friends through church. Our relationship ended about a month ago due to the amount of arguing that was occurring. After analyzing our relationship, I realized that we touched each of these stages, initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, differentiating, circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, and terminating. As some people do not always go through each stage, my relationship went through each stage, except bonding, even if it was just briefly.
Having a significantly shy personality, I avoid the face-to-face setting by using the internet, which in this case was snapchat. The initiating stage of our relationship started one afternoon when I received a snapchat after passing him on a back road in our hometown. Though it was obvious he had known he passed me because we made eye contact, he sent a snapchat saying “Did I just pass you?” Although the snapchat was not meaningful it hinted that he was interested in talking to me. It was not a blunt signal that he wanted to talk to me but, it showed me that he took…

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