Difference Between Psychiatrist And Physiatrist

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Trust lays the basis of any relationship, whether it would be personal or professional. However, as a psychologist or psychiatrist, confidentiality, competence, and the mutual consent between the recipient and the doctor is essential. This delicate balance between these two groups is imperative to provide the most assistance to the client. The possibility of a professional medical practitioner taking advantage of a vulnerable patient is always considered in this practice. Clinical psychology in practice, raises concern due to the intimate relationship between the patient and the clinician. One being in a position of power over a susceptible individual, whether mentally or physically. Another would be the credibility of the psychologist or physiatrist, and whether or not they are qualified to meet the …show more content…
It is essential to establish the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist. Although these occupations are similar, it is incorrect to confuse the two. They both treat mentally ill individuals; however, psychiatrists differ slightly. A psychiatrist can release and authorize medication and prescriptions to clients. In addition, psychiatrists often deal with more severe cases of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, eating disorders and other extreme psychological disorders.
There is an extensive process in order to become a licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. It is done so to quell possible concerns or doubts within this practice. For an example, each of these occupations require at least a minimum of ten years, perfecting each aspect of psychology to help others. A doctorate degree is required for both professional, however, a licensed psychiatrist must have a medical degree [M.D.]. Each of these occupations require at least a decade worth of perfecting and cultivating their work to aid mentally ill

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