Essay on Relationship Between President And Congress

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Understanding the relationship between the president and congress is key in understanding American politics. Congress and the president cannot avoid engaging with one another, with a constitutional set up that demands they work together constructively. Congress has its roles to play in policy making as does the president. The president and congress are given certain powers in the constitution, that power is divvied up, so that neither one of these branches has too much power at one time (Fisher 2007). The founders of the constitution were very distrustful of the presidency and feared if the president was given too much power it would lead to demagogy (Dickinson 2008). This fear led to the creation of two other branches one being the congressional branch. The congressional branch was then spilt into two houses, the House of Representatives and Senate. The congressional branch was meant to check the president’s powers and to represent the people voice in government. However, over time we have seen that there are a lot of constitutional conflicts between congress and the president (Fisher 2007). In the constitution the powers for both the president and congress are clearly defined. For example, the appointment powers given in the constitution. Congress must undergo three steps after they create an office, they need the president to nominate someone to head the office, and then the senate must confirm this nomination and finally commissioning of the appointee by the…

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