Relationship Between Popular Culture And The Australian Society

1211 Words Nov 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Our unit of work focuses on the relationship between popular culture and the Australian society after WWII on the year 10 level for both the humanities and music leaning areas. This topic is part of the AUSVels year 10 history/ geography curriculum and aligned with the 2016 Victorian music curriculum. The main inquiry questions for this unit is: “How has global pop-culture (music, film and T.V.) influenced Australian Identity and society in a post WW2 environment?”.

The three key terms for this unit are: globalization, culture, and social responsibility. The lessons will be focused not merely on the history timeline of popular culture or the differences between popular music genres, but explore on the more important big idea of how popular culture have influenced in the formation of current culture and national identities. The lessons will be looking at how the Australian society have been influenced by the wave of globalization in the complex international relationship landscape from cultural hegemonies after WWII and how these factors contribute to the evolving concept of the “Australian way of life”. Moreover, the unit aims to investigate the positive and negative influence popular culture may and have had on to the society and inform students the importance of taking social responsibility into consideration when consuming popular culture. The unit also provides students with opportunities to create their own music and becomes part of the contributors to popular…

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