Relationship Between Physical Activity, Exercise and Health Essay

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Physical Education

Critically discuss the relationship between physical activity, exercise and health and what whey means for society?

Councils such as north shore city and Auckland promote being healthy and active on there websites. They encourage the community to get out there and become physically fit and active in the greater community. Also adverts on television such as push play ads, alcohol ads and depression ads help to inform the community about health and the effects that health has on people and there friends and family. Health has a big effect on the society and the community, getting out there and using the facility’s provided are the best opportunities to get out and meet new people
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It ranges from “dance to sports, from play to special events all on the North shore”. I do believe that the north shore city council do provide amazing help and facilities to help the community in become physically fit and getting out there and doing physical activity.

I also went onto the Auckland city council website to compare and see if they had the same opportunity’s as the north shore city council. The Auckland city council provides the community with many affordable ways to get out there and have fun and get fit. Activities such as nine recreational centre’s, twelve swimming pools, 3 public golf courses, more then one hundred tennis courts, five hundred and fifty sports fields and ten skate parks are just some of the ways in which the council are providing opportunities for the rest of the community. Clean parks and beaches as well as maps and clear details about each facility are well written and easily accessible. All there for the wider community to use and access, there’s activities for all ages and fitness levels, there are also many different activities for you to choose from so you can mix up what you do and where you do it.

As well as the councils promoting health there are also many other organizations that provide the community information about health. Promotions and television advertisements such as push play;

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